Edward R. Woods

Ed is the Founder and President of IBS, Inc. Ed has an extensive background as a police officer with the Columbus Police Department in Columbus, Ohio. As well, Ed has served in the United States Military in both the Army and Air Force. After attending Air Police Security School at Lackland AFB, Ed transferred to USAFE in Germany. While in Germany, Ed was trained in the use of K-9’s in the German Army K-9 Sentry Dog School. Ed trained and used K-9’s in the first line of detection for U.S. missile sites and nuclear ammunition depots. Ed was honorably discharged from the military in 1965.

Ed’s career with the Columbus Police Department began in 1966. Ed’s service to the Columbus Police Department included seven years as a patrol officer, 10 years as a detective/reconstructionist with the Accident Investigation Squad and 7 years as a detective with the Crime Scene Search Unit/Homicide. Ed’s police career includes 23 accommodations. As a homicide detective, Ed was instrumental in gathering evidence for the State of Ohio’s first DNA conviction. Ed retired from the Columbus Police Department in 1990 after serving 24 years.




Dennis A. Beougher

Dennis is the Vice President and General Manager of IBS, Inc.  Dennis has managed the daily operations of IBS, Inc. since September, 2000.  Dennis has advanced the accountability of the security process through automated methods using GPS and QR code scanning technology.  Dennis has enhanced the investigative process by assessing the appropriateness of and the implementation of surveillance equipment.   He oversees the security vehicle fleet and manages the patrol network.  He has worked to develop the IBS, Inc. brand and establish it as a consistent, reliable security service in commercial property management.

Dennis’ background includes over 35 years in financial/business roles including The Longaberger Company, The Limited and Arthur Andersen companies.

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