Occasionally, I am asked what our Company initials “IBS” represent.  One afternoon a few years ago, while performing a building walkthrough, I passed a man who was painting an interior office.  We exchanged casual greetings and I proceeded through the suite.  After the fourth foot patrol, the painter looked at me and slowing me down, he said, “IBS…I know what that stands for”.  Not knowing what to expect, I replied…”So, what does it stand for?”  Of course, expecting me on a fifth tour, he replied…”I’ll be seeing you!” (IBS)

In our family, we jokingly say from time to time that this small, personal, family business is International Big Security (IBS)! 

The truth of the matter is that our family business, which began in 1981, has survived in an industry that has been fueled by mergers and acquisitions.  While keeping up-to-date on current security practices and technology, our focus has remained the same…

  • Easily Accessible…we are available 24/7
  • Timely Information & Proactive Suggestions
  • Accountability & Integrity…we use the most recent automated accountability methods

Our faith has sustained this business and continues to serve as the foundation by which we try our best to serve our clients. 

Thank you for looking into our services and we look forward to discussing your concerns.  Let us be your “Security Provider”. 

“I’ll be seeing you!”

Contact Info

  • Industrial Business Services, Inc.
  • PO Box 193
  • Galena, OH, 43021, USA
  • Tel: (614) 898.0100