IBS, Inc. provides experienced patrol officers using a marked security vehicle to perform periodic building checks. This enables the customer to obtain desired security coverage at a reduced cost. Building checks include, but are not limited to the following types of inspections:

  • Exterior Check - Includes the monitoring of the site using a marked security vehicle at either designated or random times throughout the night or weekend. The security officer inspects the exterior building for forced entry, checks/secures entrance doors, notes inoperable lighting, investigates suspicious/abandoned vehicles (contact police as necessary), keeps parking areas free and clear of unauthorized persons as well as assist in contacting maintenance regarding other applicable issues.
  • Interior Check - The security officer performs all of the aforementioned exterior check functions as well as a comprehensive check of the interior of the building. The interior inspection includes a check of the building interior for unsecured suites/offices, water leaks (restrooms) as well as inoperable building functions (ie. air conditioning/heating not working properly, etc.).

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